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The NBJH School Store

The NBJH School Store is open during all three lunch periods every Tuesday and Friday. Located in the back of the cafeteria, school supplies and other items are set out on tables for the students to browse and purchase.   

6th Grade Lunch 11:30-12:10
7th Grade Lunch 12:13-12:53
8th Grade Lunch 12:56-1:36

Instructions for Volunteering:

You can only volunteer one time per family, during the 2018-19 School Year. 

If you cannot make your appointed time, please contact Molly Brown.

  • Arrive at 11:15 AM. Retrieve the cash box from Sharon Gail in the NBJH office. The School Store supply closet is located in the cafeteria. The door to the closet should be unlocked. If you need assistance have Sharon Gail contact the custodial staff.

  • Near or inside the closet you will find a table and chairs. Set up table and chairs in front of the supply closet. Please place ALL SUPPLIES from the closet on the table for easy viewing.

  • Everything should be priced. If you cannot locate a price, assign a price. This is a service the PTO provides and not for profit so your estimate is acceptable.

  • There is a limit of 7 mints per student. If we are low on mints, further reduce the number of mints each student can purchase.

  • At the end of 8th grade lunch (approximately 1:36 PM), please return the supplies to the closet and take a quick inventory. If items are sold out, notify Audra Casey or Katie Trout.

  • Also, please take a quick count of the cash in the cashbox. If the cash exceeds $100, Molly Brown.

  • Close the door behind you and return the cash box to Sharon Gail in the office.

Thank you,

Molly Brown




The School Store committee is responsible for keeping the store stocked, for coordinating parent volunteer staffers, and handling the money brought in. Committee members need not be a the store every week.

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